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Endless Vitality is a licensed outpatient treatment center governed by Arizona department of health and safety. Our Center is based out of Tempe Arizona with doctors licensed over 25 states. Our staff specializes in modalities of treatment geared towards the long term health of our patients first through therapeutic wellness programs.

Our specializations are in hormone replacement therapy and peptides. With the emergence of GLP-1 agonists (semaglutide and tirzepitide), we have designed protocols to combine weight loss medications with peptide and hormone therapy geared towards losing weight while maintaining and enhancing muscudevelopment.

Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists, also known as GLP-1 analogs, GLP-1DAs, or incretin mimetics, are a class of drugs that treat type 2 diabetes and obesity. They work by mimicking the actions of the GLP-1 hormone, which is released by the gut after eating and prompts the body to produce more insulin, reducing blood sugar.

Our Services

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Boost your energy and vitality with our testosterone replacement therapy.

Weight Loss Treatment

Achieve your weight loss goals with our comprehensive and sustainable treatments.

Peptide Therapy

Enhance your health with our advanced peptide therapy options.

Aesthetic Treatments

Look and feel your best with our cutting-edge aesthetic treatments.

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What Our Clients Say

Stacey Weingartz
2 months ago
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Everyone at Endless Vitality was wonderful to work with, very caring. They helped me lose 20lbs, that I haven't been able to lose in years. I feel so much better, I'm looking forward to losing a few more with their help. I can't thank them enough!
Belinda Saenz
4 Days ago
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Super happy with the awesome customer service and attention you get and they know you by your name! They go out of their way to support you on your weight loss journey! Very happy with my results so far looking forward for a slimmer me! Yay!!!!
Dayana Falconi
Dayana Falconi
a month ago
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I love this Team at Endless Vitality they make the process so convenient I don’t even have to leave my house all my meds get delivered to my house! I use Glutathione which works wonders for my skin for psoriasis it detoxifies my liver.
Taryn Zeeb
3 months ago
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The best experience! Such amazing energy. Didn’t even want to leave my appointment!! Will only be coming back here and sending all my friends & family. Thank you guys so much!!! One stop shop, my type of place. So accommodating & made me feel like a friend! Love these guys

Why Choose Endless Vitality

Personalized Plans

Tailored treatment plans designed to meet your unique health needs for optimal results.

Expert Care

Receive exceptional care from our team of experienced medical professionals dedicated to your well-being.

Proven Results

Experience significant health improvements with our evidence-based therapies and satisfied patient testimonials.

How to Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy?


Blood Testing

After our patients fill out their medical intake forms, we draw requisition for a blood draw to be done at a lab convenient to the patient or can help facilitate someone to come to your office to do the blood draw. Results are sent back to us and the patient. we have negotiated a rate for our patients to access these labs at a fraction of the cost of going directly to a lab.


Hormone Report

Within 3-5 days, our lab will issue a hormone report to our doctor. The analysis includes: testosterone free & total, estrogen, PSA, full comprehensive metabolic panel, and complete blood count.



After blood results return from the lab, we schedule a telehealth or in person visit with our physician licensed in your state to go over the readings and a plan of care for treatment. The patient then has the option to come directly into the clinic where we dispense medication or we have the medication dropship directly to your doorstep.

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