It’s no secret that testosterone plays a huge role in male development and sexual health. But did you know that it can also affect penis size? It’s true!

In this article, we will explore the relationship between testosterone and penis size, and answer the question: will testosterone make my penis bigger? So if you’re interested in learning more about how testosterone affects your manhood, keep reading!

Does testosterone affect penis size?

In one study, doctors recommended testosterone shots to get an adult male’s levels back to normal.

His testicular volume doubled, his testosterone levels stabilized, and his penis expanded to the average size for people his age after nine months of testosterone treatment. (That 2015 research found that on average, a stretch increases a garment’s circumference by 5.2 inches.)

Testosterone and Young Boys

One of the androgens (male sex hormones) that plays a crucial role in maintaining sexual health is testosterone.

In fact, even before birth, testosterone plays a crucial role in promoting the maturation of a boy’s reproductive organs. Penile development is mainly affected by testosterone during puberty when both T and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels are highest.

Beginning in the eighth week of gestation, penile creation and growth are stimulated by testosterone. During this time, it is produced by the maturing testicles.

When a man is born, his androgen levels are deficient, and they stay that way until he reaches puberty. That’s why the penis doesn’t become any bigger until the rest of the body has matured.

As long as injections are given to males with micropenis before or during early puberty, testosterone treatment is extremely successful in restoring average size.

Low Testosterone and Small Penis Size

Adult men with reduced testosterone levels do not have a strong correlation to smaller penis sizes. However, low levels of testosterone during puberty affect penis size.

Dr. Adam Ramin warns that a lack of testosterone may cause the tissues of the penis, scrotum, and testicles to atrophy (shrivel). It’s possible that your penis may shrink in size as a consequence. He states that people frequently experience a 50% reduction in ball size and a corresponding loss of firmness.

Testosterone replacement therapy does not shrink your penis.

Does low testosterone lead to a numb penis?

Low-T men typically report an uncomfortable numbness in their privates. They aren’t entirely numb, but they don’t feel anything when you touch their penis or scrotum, which is the “electricity” that sparks sexual encounters and makes sex so wonderful.

Although low testosterone might cause numbness, most people would still feel pain if someone squeezed their penis or scrotum.

Do you shoot testosterone directly into penis?


Injections of testosterone, sometimes known as “T shots,” are widely regarded as the most effective method of testosterone administration.

The injected hormone accumulates in muscle tissue (butt cheek) and is gradually released into circulation. When it comes to dosing accurately, injection is much superior to other administration techniques.

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